Saturday, July 14, 2007

On Vacation: Back from Hog Island

Wanted to let you know I'm alive and eating well. We're recently back from an extend stay in Pt. Reyes Station and, like last summer, vacation zapped my posting mojo. There's a lot I'll try to say about Pt. Reyes and its food culture at some point, but for now enjoy this bay-side picture of six oysters on the half shell (+1), with a lime cilantro mignonette. I'd just paddled by kayak from Marshall to Hog Island (map | history) and back, with enough cash in hand for lunch at the Marshall Store.

In year's past, when I'd ask if the Marshall Store was a good lunch spot, the staff of the kayak rental shop had always said that eating there was way risky. Ownership seems to have changed though, and multiple patrons were served their food by Blue Waters Kayaking staffers. The oysters were tasty and also available BBQ and Rockefeller.