Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fruit: Sugar Plums

First came across these at the Two Girls stand, about halfway down the northern-most row at the Grand Lake Farmers' Market. Not the sort of thing that would catch my attention, but my wife's curiosity was piqued.

The plum flavor is dense, and predictably sweet, but also more tart than I would have expected. The skin color may not really be evident in the photo, a deep muted purple. These have worked their way on to the weekly must-have list.

Google search results that don't have to do with visions of the things dancing in people's heads are hard to come by. So, the only added reference point I can provide gushes thusly:
Its golden flesh is followed by nature’s second honey that comes rushing forward to greet your taste buds with every bite. This fruit's sugar at harvest ranges from 18% to 25%, and it has been said "the rays of the sun have been captured and stored beneath the flesh of this singular fruit to only be set free when tasted."

Not sure about the availability comment on that page. I didn't notice these much before mid-Sepetember. Since then I've seen them at Berkeley Bowl and the Market Hall Produce Shop.

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