Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fruit: Mandarin: Kishu

Given my reluctance to add an entry on satsumas, you may be wondering exactly what the hell gives with all of these citrus posts. To be fair, I was prompted in part by a post over at feed and supply, but what really got me going was the graphic at left from the Churchill Orchards' website.

This sort of thing has the effect on me that a ribald dare does on a drunken frat boy; there's no way I'm not gonna try to eat all of these types of citrus.

So, it was with considerable happiness that I discovered Churchill Orchard Kishus and Cocktail Pomellos in abundant supply at Market Hall Produce. After yesterday's trip to the farmers' market, we were already 3 bowls deep in tangerines. I couldn't resist though.

Looks like the Churchill M.O. is to hybridize tangerine and other citrus varieties until something works. The result in the case of the kishu is a very small and seedless fruit that is tremendously easy to peel. The single most distinct aspect of Kishu taste is its sweetness. While I prefer the intense citrus flavor of Page Tangerines, there's no denying the sheer eat-ability of kishus.

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