Friday, May 18, 2007

Blue Crab Comes to Berkeley

The eVite we received promising blue crabs direct from Maryland had 10+ names on it. Still, I was unprepared for the sight of nearly one hundred crabs piled into a baggage-check grade styrofoam cooler.

Our friend Spencer had picked them up on his way back from a visit to Baltimore, and offered helpful reminders about which parts to eat and not. He also pointed out that despite everyone's enthusiasm for his imported regional delicacy, that this was not high brow food. Tubs of Safeway potato salad and bags of Kettle Chips rounded out the spread.

Spencer'd expected each of us to eat six, and despite our best efforts several folks headed home with bags of bonus crab. With our leftovers, I threw together a ceviche based on the flavors of one they serve at Tamarindo Antojeria — lime, cumin, and achiote.

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