Saturday, March 06, 2010

Second Level: Lagier Ranches Almond Milk and Bronx Raisins

Years ago, when Doug used to work the Prather Ranch stand at Grand Lake Farmers Market, he introduced us to a three level rubric for understanding the degree to which food is being enjoyed. Something like this:

  1. Level 1: Talking about how good the food is as it's eaten.

  2. Level 2: Utter silence as the food is eaten

  3. Level 3: Gently weeping as the food is eaten

As someone who regularly blogs and tweets about food, I have some kind of disposition to the first level of food enjoyment. There's hardly anything I won't wait to eat until the photos are snapped, the blog post drafted. No foodstuff that I treasure so much that I won't tell everyone I know, and a bunch of people I don't, where to get it. Until today.

I've been coming to the Grand Lake market for about seven years now, and had never seen Almond Milk (sweetened with dates) or Bronx Grape Raisins at the Lagier Ranches stand. I sampled, and then I high-tailed it home and shared with my family. No photos. No tweets.


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Amelia said...

John's Bronx Grapes are pure heaven. I love the degrees of food enjoyment. Thank you for sharing and for supporting the Grand Lake Farmers Market!