Monday, August 27, 2012

Hog Island Revisited

Had the odd experience of stumbling across my own blog in a Google search result the other night.

This post from five years ago. I was curious about the actual paddling distance from Marshall to Hog Island. Things were different back in July 2007. We had one son, he was too young for the trip. I ate oysters.

A full year since my last post. One of these will necessarily be the last entry in my ship's log. Only instead of some doomed vessel, I'm wandering through my good mid-life. Still eating and drinking well, probably even have as much to say about it.

I prefer the goat burger, with the lamb burger fixings.

Blogger seems to have fixed a bunch of what ailed it since my last visit. They've tidied up, now I can't find anything.


Lee said...

Points for the Thomas Dolby reference.

Mychal McCabe said...

My first instinct was to 'like' your comment. They've already won, haven't they?

Lee said...

It's a slippery slope littered with emoticons.

Anonymous said...

Surely you're thinking about what to say for your one and only 2013 post due in a few days?

Mychal McCabe said...

Why yes, it has crossed my mind from time to time. This thing where my views and preferences have become so widely held that I no longer find them as interesting.