Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bar Crudo Benefit Tomorrow

Last week my co-worker and constant reader Kurt sent word of the car accident that killed one of the employees of Bar Crudo and severely injured two others. The whole story can be read here.

I'd been trying to find time in our Sunday to attend Crudo's benefit since it was first mentioned in the Chronicle, but had neglected to promote it here. However, a reader left a comment last night that prompted me to. So, the details:
Sunday December 10 from 12-6
Bar Crudo

Suggested donation $10 - $25
Proceeds will go to the victims and their families.

We'll be serving oysters, crudo, wine, beer, and guest hors d'oeuvres. Hog Island Oyster Company has generously donated 800 oysters to be served at this event (that's a lot of oysters people, we need your help!), Range, and Le Petit Robert will also be donating food, with other restaurants and business's soon to join in support of this benefit.
My co-worker also asked if I knew any of the people involved, and I don't really. But I was struck by how quickly someone can go from holding up two sea urchins and asking me and a friend which one we wanted to eat, to finding themselves in a hospital, un-insured and in need of surgery, with a broken jaw and ribs. To say nothing of how quickly someone can go from bringing a meal to a table to being violently dead. The truth is that you know all of these things already, that the world is a brutal place and that there are greater calamities befalling people even as we type and read, but something about this particular incident overwhelms base cynicism.

There's something I'd like to say about how unique the food and atmosphere of the place is, that ultimately this is a reflection of the people involved. About how few places I've eaten in the last year where I've interacted with a chef to this degree. I think you get the idea.

What I will say is that among other hypocrises of eating well in the bay area, very few of the people who prepare and serve the food we appreciate so much have insurance or retirement plans that folks who can afford to eat out regularly may or may not be taking for granted.

If you get a chance to drop by on Sunday, please do.

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