Monday, December 04, 2006

Lots of Citrus For the Taking

Wanted to take a minute to encourage my less far-flung readership to get themselves to a farmer's market this weekend, and take home some citrus (though I'd certainly be intrigued to hear what's available in Haifa, Singapore, and parts of Australia?). I'll run down some of the options available to you if your farmer's market of choice happens to be the venerable Grand Lake.

Hamada Farms has Satsumas, Navels, and Cara Cara oranges for your peeling pleasure. They also have "Buddha's Hand" Citrons and Meyer Lemons. No link to my post on satsumas would be complete without a disclaimer that it is somewhat out of character. As for the Navels, if you've been eating Pixies, Kishus, and other obscure orange things, a really good Navel Orange may surprise you. Meanwhile, Cara Cara oranges continue to have pride of place in our house. I grabbed four for the week, and we have one to get us through the next 5 days. Something's gotta give.

Lagier Ranches had Paige Tangerines this week. Last year, it was Satsuma before Paige for them. Not sure what givces, but will try to find out this Saturday.

Many of these varieties were around until April of last year, so there's no hurry. But for the first time this year, the variety and quality of the fruit on offer are heading toward critical mass - just in time for those of you planning holiday dinner parties, preparing food-based gifts, and otherwise on the prowl for seasonal goods.

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