Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace

This is the second in a handful of posts that will fill in some gaps from last year. Posts that didn't quite happen, thoughts that didn't get expressed. If I was sure there would be 10 of them, I could call them the Top 10 Missing Posts of 2007.

We do most of our shopping for each week at the Grand Lake Farmers Market. Domestic rituals being what they are, this make's it difficult for me to get to the Berkeley Farmers Market let alone the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

When we met friends at the Ferry Building for a September trip to Angel Island, it was the first time I'd been in the building. We got to the Prather Ranch shop, hoping to score some bacon, just in time to see them counting money and avoiding eye contact.

We went back last weekend, a string quartet was playing Eleanor Rigby. We browsed and had lunch at Lulu Petite. My bowl of butternut squash soup was rich and smooth, our green bean salad was heavy on the herbs and vinegar, and a homeless guy sat on the stool next to us muttering angry.

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