Saturday, February 09, 2008

Culinary Coincidences: Paths Cross with Notable Chefs

Timing for my trip to Tokyo was pretty good. Caught the first snow storm of the year, an event which would later figure in Edward Tufte's' video criticism of the iPhone's Weather application. The Emperor's Cup was up for grabs in the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament. And Garrey Reynolds of Presentation Zen just happened to be giving a talk while I was was there. About those chefs though...

While I was sneaking in as much food as I could during my business trip, one of Anthony Bourdain's production guys was spending as much time as he could on his high-tech toilet seat. My hotel was equipped with these. Each time I looked at the buttons and helpful diagrams, I was daunted.

Shortly after I visited Tsukiji Fish Market, Bay Area chef and Next Iron Chef participant Chris Cosentino visited the Honolulu Fish Auction. 82 pounds is a whole lot of opah.

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