Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Market - Lviv, Ukraine

Yesterday we schlepped over to a train museum that turned out to be closed. We licked our wounds in a cafe alongside this market. We'd walked for half an hour at this point and the espresso, cake, and buttered toast with cured fish were very welcome. The guy one table over had more or less the same and supplemented with a vodka shot.

A cold or wet morning will more or less wipe out the weekly markets back home. This daily market was humming along with six inches of snow on the ground and a stiff wind ripping through the flimsy umbrellas. Apples looked amazing in all that snow. We got four cucumbers, half a squash, three potatoes, a few bananas, 500 grams worth of clementines, and the leeks and turnips for about three bucks.

Amy lugged Axel around on her back. In exchange for this service I carried her China Town Batz-Maru purse.

Through our first few days here, the only green things I ate were parsley and dill. We waited a long time for these cucumbers, while the woman in front of us bought a big bag of grapes. The vendor picked out each of the bad ones.

Every meal we've eaten, whether at home or our and about has been served on this scalloped white place setting. The Krakow Cafe, a fast food pizza place, and the cafe yesterday.

I mentioned the herb bundles tied together with sewing thread, but turns out bundles of jut about everything are tied together with it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, is quite popular in Ukraine... used to have some at home too

aelis said...

When I lived in Kharkiv nineteen years ago, everyone had the same dishes: reddish-orange with white polka dots. The scalloped white is definitely an upgrade, but I have very tender feelings for those red-orange teapots, cups and saucers!