Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's Been a While

I missed some can't miss blogging opportunities during my hiatus - something to do with Facebook, Twitter, and work. There was a meal at Weihenstephan (the oldest brewery in the world), Flora & Camino cracking my line-up of cocktail destinations, and a clutch of foodstuffs and drink better than I have a right to - Bodega Bay Cheese Gouda and a Boccalone subscription come to mind. Some of you may take issue with me promoting Camino as a cocktail destination, but house-made bitters and curaçao mean someone's playing ball.

I've spent the last few days getting ready for a trip to Lviv, Ukraine. Mostly this getting ready has meant meeting friends for food I'm not expecting them to have in Lviv. Drinks at Flora a couple of nights ago, sushi at Tanuki last night, and lunch at Cam Huong.

A fried halibut, unagi, and shiso leaf concoction from Tanuki.

All this eating and drinking out is admittedly an indulgence. But over the last month we'd eaten a startling number of CSA box derived dinners. I've been softening the leafy green blows with cured meat - saucisson sec and duck prosciutto. Lviv should be more of the same I think. Amy's been there for a few days already. She called to say that I would love the markets. More soon.


penny said...

you have a boccalone subscription? jealous! and i have to say you're right on the money with camino being a cocktail destination. i'm not saying that just because i work there.

happy consumptive said...

The Boccalone subscription was a Christmas gift from Amy. I've only picked up one of my 4 bundles, so some chowing down may be in order when we get back to the east bay. I've spent each of our visits here to what they call product stores, looking for something that might be spicy as well as fatty. Not much luck.

Even if you were just saying that because you work there, I wouldn't hold it against you.