Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Duroc Pork in Braising Reduction with Chicories

I threw this dish together using some braising liquid we had in the fridge. Served it with thinly sliced pork, from a Duroc chop that I'd brought home from B, and chicories. It reminded me of the noodle dishes at O'Chame, only without the soba.

The pork chop had been just as described in the East Bay Express review of B,"As thick as a paperback copy of Bleak House and a rosy medium inside, was possibly the juiciest chop I've [sic] eaten in months."

Apparently Duroc hogs are one of the primary genetic contributors to contemporary factory-farm cross-breeds, adding valued lipid content to the porcine mix of pH, color, and tenderness.

I hope to post on each of these chicory varieties separately, but I'm having a difficult time tracking down the specific type shown here. It's shape resembles mache, though the color is an intense purple with bright to pale green ribs.

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