Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A quick note on Tamarindo Antojeria

I'm writing tonight's posts while an absolutely intoxicating aroma drifts out of my kitchen. It is the spice-heavy waft of an earthy and dark sauce brushed over a rack of ribs. These ribs were offered to my wife as we left Tamarindo Antojeria last night.

This gift may have been a nod to the occasion. One other nod to Valentine's Day was a woman behind the register wearing an
"I hella ♥ Oakland" t-shirt(1). Wrap it up, we'll take it.

If you haven't been to the antojeria yet, I really can't encourage you enough. I'd recommend that you steer clear of the dishes that you get from your favorite taqueria. Taqueria tribalism is its own reward.

Instead try the sopecitos, the empanaditas, the tostaditas, or the sopa azteca. The fresh corn tortillas alone are worth the trip.

(1) It may also have been recompense for the son of the owner obseriving that I looked like a boxer - you know, the dog breed.

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