Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Peppers: Dried: Cannard Farms

These peppers were a gift. GIven to us by a friend who manages a restaurant here in the bay area. Indicating that they were dried by the folks up at Cannard Farms in Sonoma may or may not give the identity of friend or restaurant away. I'm electing to strive for the pretense of anonymity in all posts however. When my wife brought them home she said that Bob Cannard made them. The name was not familiar, but I was more interested in the fact that I could smell the peppers through the plastic bag they were wrapped in.

This restaurant managing friend of ours recently came by for dinner and gave me some more background. Turns out that Cannard Farms had been sending the restaurant boat loads of canned tomatoes. Each time a batch arrived, she would remind them that they needed to send her an invoice. Several batches of tomatoes later, the invoice arrived along with some chantrelles and these peppers - we scored three of them.

They are intensely red, and the skin of the pepper pod seems to have a bit more moisture left in it than the arbol chile pods we usually crack over pizzas and pastas. I've only cooked with these once, using thin rounds of the pepper over a pizzetta of creme fraiche and pan fried meyer lemon slices.

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Ore said...

That's a nice pepper!