Saturday, March 18, 2006

Market Recap: 2006: Weeks 08

An integral part of the whole Happy Consumptive thing is social ritual. There are food experiences that you can only come by through a kind of perseverance, the due dilligence of the regular. With the farmer's market in particular, this has something to do with a commercial commitment to the cause.

Last weekend weather was the talk of the market. Not so much how good it was Saturday, as how lousy it had been the week before. Doug Stonebreaker of Prather Ranch was rained on two Sundays ago, and was pounded by hail last Thursday. The guy working the Lagier Ranches booth said Thursday was miserable too. The Hamada Farms folks didn't have Cara Cara oranges last week, because the weather prevented them from getting out to pick them.

The relation of food to the reality of its production, the physical circumstance of its context, is the sort of thing that grocery stores conspire to render irrelevant. All that waxed and irradiated freshness.

No general photos this week, but here's a shot of some cress I picked up at the County Line Harvest stand.

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