Thursday, March 23, 2006

Penny's Candied Lemon Peel

One of the more poorly kept secrets here at Consumptive HQ --right up there with most of the food photos being of left overs-- is that our restaurant-managing friend Penny punches the clock at Chez Panisse.

This gig exposes her to some pretty serious food schwag, which she shares quite a bit of with us. Other-worldly dried peppers, epic zinfandel dinners, and the occasional bottle of wine.

This Candied Lemon Peel is different though, as she made it for us with lemons from her own tree. Recipes abound, but they all include lemons, sugar, and water. The final product can be used in baked goods or eaten whole. Unless I miss my guess, these lemons are Eurekas - brighter and slightly more acidic than Meyer Lemons.

We've been eating ours with 1996 Rivesaltes Ambré Domaine Fontanel.


Anonymous said...

yeehaw, i'm mentioned by name! how are you going to refer to me in 6 days when i'm no longer punching the clock at chez panisse?

you are correct sir, those were indeed eureka lemons.

happy consumptive said...

Egad. We should have discussed this last night I'm thinking, right before the Cos d'Estournel.

Looks like we have 6 days to ponder the possibilities. Friend who is totally not in charge of the Pacific Mozart Ensemble. Friend who used to manage a certain well known restaurant in Berkeley. Friend who punches the clock in her newly-insulated shed.