Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Consumptive Year In Review

I missed the chance to be reflective before we embarked on the New Year. If, as Garrison Keillor offers up in Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion,"In Radio you never look back, that's the beauty of it", blogs seem to be all about looking back - but only by hours or days. Still, I'll take a seasonal liberty and point out a few memorable posts.

One last plug for my post on Satsumas. I thought briefly that I might find a wider readership if all my posts had that vibe, and then thought better of it.

I was reminded of the night we made Beef and Chicken Liver Ravioli, in the style of Babbo, when our friend Seth offered up that of all the dinners he'd attended at our digs (even more than paella cooked over an open fire) these ravioli stood out.

A post on the perils of preparing crudo at home. One of these days I'll get to southern coastal Italy, or at least Esca, and see how this really gets done.

Availability for ramps is very limited, and April isn't that far away.

This Market Recap featured the year's first appearance of Sour Cherries. A year-old lively discussion of how and where to score sour cherries is still attracting comments over at Bay Area Bites.

After ten-plus years in the Bay Area, I manage to prepare Cardoons for the first time, in June.

Not gonna say too much about Ceviche Three Times a Day.

The first weekend for Bronx Grapes fell in late August.

Bacon-Dripping Ginger Snaps remain their own reward.

October was a slow month following the birth of our first child. Still I did managed a post on This Summer's Harvest.

Just wouldn't be a year-end recap unless November's entry was our Thanksgiving Kegger.

Along with many Bay Area Food Bloggers, I offered up some thoughts on Bar Crudo and the hard times that had befallen the staff of the restaurant.

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