Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Back when I started Happy Consumptive, I would browse past more established food blogs trying to locate my tribe. It hadn't occurred to me yet that blogging could be a more or less solo act. I had this idea of spending a few years building a modest encyclopedia of ingredients before expanding into preparations of my own. Dabbling occasionally in big food ideas. There were a handful of food bloggers that everyone seemed to mention, and one of these was Becks & Posh. Some recent self-googling turned up that they'd linked here - almost a year ago. Somewhere along the way Happy Consumptive also found it's way into the "delicious food blogs - local" sidebar on Food Hoe. This sort of thing probably isn't newsworthy for most bloggers. Given the relatively low number of visitors who stop by here each day though, I have to assume that these folks like a good watermelon mojito with their sabelfish crudo.


foodhoe said...

You're right that blogging is a solo act, but that's only until you post it up for the world to see! I remember the day I stumbled upon your blog with a random search for zampano (one of my favorite round breads in the entire universe btw)... I kept reading and decided to link for further reading.

happy consumptive said...

Thanks for stopping by. The zampanos at the Lakeshore Arizmendi were great today. The best I've seen in years.