Sunday, August 28, 2005

August: 3rd Sunday Dinner: Home

Most Sundays I'll start throwing together dinner at about 7, and have everything good to go right about the time Iron Chef America starts.

Last week's meal was pretty low-key. With two exceptions.

An employee had just come back from a quick vacation to Alaska, and came bearing Coho Salmon. I served this tartare-style with avocado and lime zest. Can't remember the last time I saw fish that orange.

The other stand out item was a roasted green pepper sauce. Packed full of smokey char flavor, if a little oily. This was all ad hoc. I roasted the Pasilla and Anaheim peppers we had, and added cilantro and garlic in the Food processor. Then poured in oil until it behaved like a sauce.

Went great with the roasted skirt steak. Washed it all down with 2002 mas Champart (causse du bousquet), from the St. Chinian Region of south western France. You can grab this at Kermit Lynch.

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