Monday, August 22, 2005

Menu: Dopo: Monday August 15

May throw together some notes on these, but in the mean time I've bolded the food we ate:

  • house-made sausage with escarole

  • seared scallops with roasted red peppers and sicilian olive relish

  • fritto of swordfish with pinenuts, garlic and lemon

  • knoll farm arugula

  • spicy summer minestra

  • tagliolini with lamb ragu

  • whole wheat pappardelle with paine farm pigeon braised in saba

  • lasagna alla napoletana

  • pizza dopo

  • pizza with ricotta, garlic, and pickled chilies

  • pizza with pancetta and black olives

  • pizza with prosciutto di parma, gypsy peppers and basil

  • pizza with anchovy, hot pepper and oregano
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