Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August: 4th Sunday Dinner: Home

This Sunday was left over Crudo, grilled anchovies, and Miyagi and Kumamoto oysters. The night before we'd pulled together dinner for 16, and I was feeling over the whole cooking thing.

I'm a huge fan of raw red meat, but turned out many of the folks I had over for dinner on Saturday are not. I'd used a recipe of Roberto Donna's. Until I found the recipe my only association with Roberto, was his appearance on Iron Chef America. He'd been handed his head by Iron Chef Morimoto, whose 5 item line-up included a 4-item bento box. This seemed like some sort of Iron Chef equivalent of the fist pump or crotch-grab. Take your pick, poor Robert Donna finished maybe 3 of his items.

The fish and shellfish I picked up at Hapuku Fish Shop. Anchovies are great right now, and only 2.50 a pound there. Sadly, no anchovie pictures. Here are some oysters though...

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