Monday, November 28, 2005

Cake: Cranberry Up-side Down

The division of culinary labor in our house falls roughly along the divide between sweet and savory. Such distinctions and their nuances are loaded topics in a house occupied by an academic concerned with feminist issues who winds up chopping a lot of vegetables and a recovering academic who likes to think of themselves as somewhat enlightened.

All that aside though, one of the desserts I genuinely look forward to eating is this Cranberry Up-side down cake - we brought this one to Thanksgiving dinner.

My wife makes the cake according to a Marion Cunningham recipe, with two distinct nods to contemporary taste: less sugar, more cranberries.The cake is baked in an old MagnaLite skillet I've had since college.

Scrupulous and fruitless googling for this recipe lead me to suspect that ours is an adaptation of the ubiquitous M.Cunningham pineapple version.

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