Monday, November 21, 2005

Wine: Languedoc: 2003 Coteaux du Languedoc Rouge - Château de Lascaux

This was another bottle I picked up the day before we moved into our new digs. As it's a "value of the month" ($12.50/bottle), and given my consumptive proclivities, the Château de Lascaux may seem an unlikely choice for me and a special occasion...

I was introduced to it at the first wedding I attended with my wife. Before settling on it, the bride and groom had conducted a tasting at Kermit Lynch. We weren't rolling quite that high when our wedding came 'round, but we capitalized on their initiative and served it all the same.

The wine has more structure and better mouth feel than the price would suggest, and is cranky in the way that we like: tannic and funky, all sorts of dark tastes. Good company for a mid-week meal, though I can't recall what we served it alongside.

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