Monday, November 21, 2005

Wine: Champagne: J.Lassalle Rosé

I was dispatched to Kermit Lynch the day before we moved into our new house. This was ostensibly a trip to pick up boxes from a friend who works there. In addition to the boxes, I managed to come home with two persuasively recommended champagnes — the 2001 J.Lassalle Rosé and the 1998 Paul Bara Spécial Club.

We drank the J.Lassalle first, serving it with some house cured salmon from Market Hall. Despite the recommendation, I was unprepared for just how much we enjoyed this wine. Here's the Kermit write-up:
Lassalle’s Champagne Rosé is very pale in color with strawberry and raspberry perfume in the subtle bouquet. No, it doesn’t shout, and red wine was not added to color it. It grows on you—a connoisseur’s rosé, and it is bone dry!
Agreed on all counts, especially how dry it was. It is also worth pointing out that the color of the wine was more copper than pink and that the bubbles had an incredibly fine bead.

If you're planning on buying some bubbly from Kermit, November is apparently the time — 11th month discounts abound in their current newsletter (PDF Format).

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