Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cheese: Roaring 40's Blue

According to the information packed write-up over at Gary Danko:
cow/ blue cheese/ pasteurized - wax sealed to preserve the moisture content and to also limit the development of the blueing. This most popular cheese begins on the Island of Tasmania (Australia) where the diverse plant life offers up flavor unlike anything else in the world. It's name is derived from the 40th parallel that relies upon a wind pattern strong enough to give sailing ships a boost, but not so hard that shipwrecks result...
We first came across this cheese at A.O.C., down in Los Angeles. I could go on at considerable length about that particular meal, but suffice to say the Roaring 40's, was the standout on a first-rate cheese plate.

Assertively sweet, creamy, and densely flavorful. Our local favorite the Point Reyes Blue is austere by comparison.

Hadn't seen it anywhere in the bay area, until a couple of weeks ago when it turned up at Market Hall. Their "blue-haired cheese lady" indicated that it wasn't hard to get, but that they did have to remember to order it. She expects them to have it through the end of the year.

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