Monday, September 05, 2005

First Visit: Marin Sun Farms

I was tipped off to the new Marin Sun Farms butcher shop and eatery by the entry over at Bay Area Bites.

It was very much as they described, though somehow we had the idea it was "in" Pt. Reyes Station proper, as opposed to at its edge. There's only so much time this sort of confusion can cost you in a town that is all of two blocks long and two blocks deep, but remember... just south of town.

I'm a big fan of grass-fed beef, and have been holding out for a restaurant that falls more squarely in the middle ground between taqueria and Mankas than, say, the Olema Inn.

What totally worked:

· The very refrigerated cart of home made condiments
· Photos of grass shot --no other way to say this-- from the perspective of a cow
· Chalkboard listing many parts of cow and whether they were available that day

I also got the feeling they know the Condiment Cart is all that, because after a woman from the kitchen deposited our food on the counter she pulled a Vanna White - directing us with a practiced gesture to the cart which she also opened. Releasing chilly air and revealing avocado cream, horseradish cream, chipotle mayonaise, and home made sauer kraut among other things.

The food was very tasty. I'll have more to say after we go back up next week.

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