Friday, September 30, 2005

Food Notes: Salmon and Scallops with Passion Fruit

This is an impressive dish that draws its wow factor from being, well, raw, and exotic ingredient heavy.

I first threw it together back in August. Failed to get photos though, and having prepared it while my wife was out of town I felt doubly compelled to give it another shot.

Preparation is simple, if painstaking. If you go with 'sashimi-grade' salmon you can rest easier about the raw fish and not sweat bones. Scallops are very slippery and these need to be diced as well. Once you have the seafood diced, you'll want to keep refrigerated while you mince the shiso and peppers. Slicing open the passion fruit will leave you with two halves that need spooning out.

Mix the passion fruit, shiso, and peppers with the salmon, then with the scallops. I like to serve on a whole shiso leaf, which shouldn't be eaten whole once you've finished the fish.

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