Sunday, September 11, 2005

September: 1st Sunday: Home

Wanted to get these photos added. It had been a serious food week. Sunday rolled around and I wanted to take it easy.

Threw together two dishes culled from Dopo menus...

These were blue lake beans from the Grand Lake Farmers' Market. Depending on how starchy they are I usually boil for 3 minutes, strain, and then throw in a bowl of water and ice. The dopo preparation used bottarga, which I have not been able to find. I substituted Ortiz Spanish Tuna. The Pasta Shop at Market Hall sells the tuna in bulk and in cans. Had my first bite a few months ago, and I pick up a 1/4 pound every week now. I'd run out of Salt Packed Capers and the ones you see here are Stella brand capers. You can find these at any 7-11.

These are anchovies served over beets with a salsa rustica of parsley and garlic. I've eaten a lot of beets over the last few years, but I always prepare them in the same way. Bake whole in an oven, halve, and then slice. Toss with Sherry Vinegar. I baked these in slices, and they were overcooked as well as too thick. Tasty though - I'll use a mandoline next time.

We had a bottle of Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel, 2002 vintage I think. This was overkill for the food but very tasty. Started off tight and bright enough that we ran for a decanter, it hit its stride a by the second glass, after two hours it was pretty much done. The write up from the Tablas Creek website is here. K & L has their Cotes de Tablas which, at 10.00 less a bottle, is all kinds of comparable.

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