Monday, September 05, 2005

Menu: Dopo: Monday August 29

Lots of catching up to do for last week, starting with this week's Monday menu for Dopo. Trying a new format for these things, the bullets were inserting too much vertical space, though the items i ate are still bolded.

Always happy to see the pigeon on the menu. My friend and I had miscommunicated about when we'd be meeting, and I got there just as the pigeon order he'd been trying to sneak in before I arrived reached the table.

· paine farm pigeon with grapes, pinenuts, and sherry
· crostini of caponata with mozzarella di bufula
· monterey bay sardines with beets and salsa rustica
· knoll farm arugula
· rock cod, corn and tomato soup

· rigatoni with pork and saffron ragu
· tagliatelle with braised hoffman farm hen and porcini
· lasagna alla napoletana

· pizza dopo
· pizza with chantrelles and thyme
· pizza with pancetta and gyspy peppers
· pizza with mozzarella di bufula and basil
· pizza with gorgonzola and red onion

I'd brought a Dry Creek Vineyards Reserve Zinfadel, the Somers vineyard designation, that had a port-like intensity of the cherry flavors I tend to associate with the Dry Creek region.

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