Tuesday, September 13, 2005

September: 2nd Monday Dinner: Home

Quick post here, and a plot twist: a rare Monday dinner at home. This was a broiled center cut pork chop, served with roasted peppers, a tomatillo-avocado concoction, and midly spicy sauce.

For the sauce I dry fried onions that I'd grilled the night before, a couple whole cloves of garlic in their skins, some chipotle chili powder, before adding chicken stock. After the sauce reduced a bit, I also added two teaspoons of the house salsa from Dona Tomas. The flavors were very intense, but too salty. Plumb out of home-made chicken stock, and the one can I had was not the low sodium variety.

For the tomatillo-avocado blend, I blended roasted tomatillo, the garlic that had stewed in the sauce, and one whole avocado. The result was considerably more sweet than I'd expected, even after adding the juice of one half lime. Worked well with the other spicy and salty components of the dish though.

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