Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday Market Recap - Volume 01

Two full days into Autumn and the food schizophrenia thickens. Heirloom tomatoes were down to 2.00 a pound at Berkeley Bowl , where I'd gone in search of beef short ribs and a bone saw.

When we lived in Berkeley, my weekly trip to "The Bowl" was equal parts parking madness and looming financial ruin. Difficult to get in without at least one angry car to car shouting match. Difficult to get out with a bottle or two of wine in the mix for less than a couple hundred dollars.

Not having been for a while, I was waylaid by the exotic fruits. I picked up a Dragon Fruit, some Passion Fruit, and a package of those baby kiwi on my way to get onions. I'd hoped that they would have Bronx grapes, possibly for less than the Produce Shop in Market Hall, but no luck. I also grabbed a few Seckel Pears.

By the time we got back to the car an understanding had been reached that this weeks Farmers Market run would be all about grapes and maybe a few pieces of stone fruit.

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